Supply Chain and Logistics Apprenticeship Program – Employers

The San Diego Center for International Trade Development (CITD) and Deputy Sector Navigator for Global Trade & Logistics (DSNGTL) for San Diego and Imperial Counties was awarded a grant from the California Community Colleges’ Division of Economic and Workforce Development, under its California Apprenticeship Initiative New and Innovative Program to develop a registered apprenticeship in the Global Trade & Logistics industry sector. The CITD/DSNGTL’s Supply Chain and Logistics Apprenticeship Program (SCLAP) will focus on developing apprentices for the Cargo and Freight Agent occupation.

Apprentices enrolled in SCLAP will receive classroom instruction—at no cost to the apprentice or employer—to reinforce the concepts learned through on-the-job training. Additionally, employers sponsoring apprentices are eligible to receive an incentive from the program that will reduce their initial monetary risk by offsetting a portion of the apprentices’ wages.

If you would like further information about the program or would like to sponsor an apprentice, please contact us at (619) 482-6393 or