Monroe Clark Middle School Students Learn Global Concepts

Sixth-graders at San Diego Unified School District’s Monroe Clark Middle School spent most of their day on Friday, April 22nd learning key aspects of the global economy, what makes world trade work, and how trade affects their daily lives through a program—offered at their school by Junior Achievement—called JA Global Marketplace. JA Global Marketplace is a series of six activities through which students learn concepts of trade including import/export, trade barriers, tariffs, entrepreneurship, and culture, among others.
The day’s activities culminated with an assembly of over 300 sixth-graders where a panel of education and business professionals presented information on career pathways in global trade and logistics, as well as the educational programs available through the local colleges to pursue careers in this sector. SB1070 Regional Pathways Industry Connections Coordinator (ICC) for Global Trade & Logistics & CITD Business Advisor, Monica Rosas, participated on the panel and arranged for Pat Hall, a veteran logistics professional, to talk about trade and her experience and perspective on what it takes to be successful in the field.   The panelists also addressed questions about trade-related degrees and certificates available through Southwestern College, types of jobs someone can expect to obtain after completing a trade-related program, education requirements, and skills employers look for.
To keep the students engaged during the panel Q&A, the panel moderator incorporated a dynamic activity which required students to clap, stand, or wave when certain global trade words and concepts were mentioned by the panelists.