High School Teachers Receive Newly Created Global Trade & Logistics Curriculum Modules

The Deputy Sector Navigator for Global Trade & Logistics (DSN GTL) – San Diego & Imperial, in conjunction with the SB1070 Regional Pathways Program, hosted a professional development workshop for high school teachers throughout the region at Southwestern College’s Higher Education Center at Otay Mesa (HECOM). The workshop, titled, “Think Global in All Careers” welcomed teachers across various school subject areas including Math, Science, English, Social Science, CTE, and Foreign Language. The goal of the workshop was to provide the teachers with an introduction to global trade and its importance to the region, as well as discuss resources and tools that can be incorporated in their classrooms to expose their students to high wage, high growth careers in this sector.

think_global_victorThe workshop began with opening remarks by DSN GTL and CITD Director, Victor Castillo, after which the participants boarded a bus and were taken to the MEXPORT trade show so they could experience trade in action and have the opportunity to talk to industry professionals about skills and education they feel are important to be successful in their field. Following the trade show experience, the teachers were shuttled back to the HECOM for presentations on trade-related resources that can be used in the classroom and work-based learning opportunities for students. SB1070 Regional Pathways Curriculum Lead, Jewyl Clarke, then introduced standards-based curriculum modules—developed jointly with the DSN GTL—which can be used across all academic disciplines to infuse global trade & logistics concepts in their teaching and provide a more contextualized learning experience for their students. The workshop participants received a Global Trade & Logistics Curriculum Compendium, which contains teacher guides by subject area, as well as all the curriculum modules and student handouts. These materials, along with modules developed for other industry sectors, are also made available in digital format here or through the CareerAcademics.org website, created by the SB1070 Regional Pathways Program to provide educators with resources to expand career-relevant learning opportunities for their students.

After giving them a chance to review the curriculum modules and discuss strategies for implementation in groups by academic subject, they were given an opportunity to share out their thoughts to the rest of the participants.

See additional photos from this event here.