High School Students Learn About Global Trade and Logistics Careers Through Work-based Learning Activities

As part of the Deputy Sector Navigator for Global Trade and Logistics (DSNGTL) and the CTE Regional Pathways work-based learning fall activities, Industry Connections Coordinator (ICC) for Global Trade and Logistics, Monica Rosas, participated in the Grossmont High School 2017 Ethics in Business Conference which is organized by the San Diego East County Chamber of Commerce and the Grossmont Union High School District Career Technical Education Department.

The program is designed to train the next generation of to become principled leaders. Ms. Nicole Thren and Ms. LeAnne Ginn teach a total of six sections of English for Business. For each section, they had their students meet in groups with one facilitator (business partner).  They did a brief introduction and then the students took a silent quiz individually. After a set amount of time, the facilitator went over the quiz with the students discussing each question and each answer. After that portion of the event each table discussed a list of scenarios to which ICC Rosas provided real-life examples of what she experienced in her career.

In addition to participating in the Ethics in Business Conference, ICC Monica Rosas coordinated a classroom presentation for 17 seniors from San Diego High School – School of Science and Technology. A teacher at the school, Ms. Jackie Rivers, requested an industry guest speaker for her Civil Engineering class. Students at the School of Science and Technology go through a robust engineering pathway during their HS years. They start in 9th grade with Introduction to Green Technologies, followed by Introduction to Engineering and Design in 10th grade. In 11th grade they have Principles of Engineering and lastly, during their senior year, they have Digital Electronics and Civil Engineering and Architecture. Students at the school are not only interested in various engineering fields, but also expressed interest in learning about Global Trade & Logistics (GTL).

Ms. Rosas arranged for two guest speakers from a local manufacturer to cover both GTL and Advanced Manufacturing. Ms. Karla Camberos, Bi-national Logistics and Trade Compliance Manager, and Mr. Rod Karim, Technical Director, for the Visual Pak Companies were both enthusiastic about presenting for the students and even came up with an interactive activity where they raffled two prizes to catch students’ interest. Mr. Karim’s talk centered around why he became interested in engineering and an explanation of his day-to-day activities at The Visual Pak Companies. Ms. Karla Camberos also explained her academic background and how she became engaged with Logistics and Trade Compliance. Both the teacher, Ms. Rivers, and students were happy with the visit and asked thoughtful questions to speakers. Ms. Rivers invited the guests to come back for the spring semester and ICC Rosas will be coordinating that activity.

The DSNGTL, CTE Regional Pathways, and the San Diego CITD are grateful to our industry partners for their time and cooperation with promoting careers in advanced manufacturing and Global Trade & Logistics.