Granite Hills High School Students Learn About Global Trade & Logistics Career Pathways

In an effort to promote careers in Global Trade and Logistics, SB1070 Regional Pathways Industry Connections Coordinator (ICC) for Global Trade & Logistics and CITD International Trade Specialist, Monica Rosas presented to Granite Hills High School teacher Kris Erickson’s Consumer Math Senior class.
Mr. Erickson’s intention with the last few weeks of his class was to focus on careers, skills in demand, and job searching. On May 10th Ms. Rosas, along with industry representative Lynn Hijar, President/CEO of iBiz 24/7- an online business platform- visited  the classroom and presented on what Global Trade and logistics is, the regional labor market, which local colleges and universities offer international studies, and skills needed to work in Global Trade & Logistics. Classroom presentations like these are part of the Deputy Sector Navigator for Global Trade & Logistics’ work based learning services. The goal is to create more awareness of rewarding career paths in global trade, which is an important and growing industry sector in the region.