The CITD works with educators to develop a career pathway with customized courses and programs that are directly aligned with the needs of businesses in the industry. The goal is to provide students with the relevant skills needed for success in the Global Trade, Logistics, and Supply Chain Management industries.

Additionally, the CITD has provided immersive professional development and training opportunities to equip educators to deliver career-relevant learning experiences to students. Immersing educators in industry brings real-world applications into the classroom and helps teachers teach workplace relevance. Examples of Professional Development activities include:

    • Tour of Port of San Diego marine terminals
    • Train-the-trainers Workshops
    • Access to local trade-related events
  • Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER) Institutes for College Faculty

To find out more about how we can help support educators, contact us by email at info@globaltradeandlogistics.org.

Global Trade & Logistics Curriculum Modules for High School

Introduction & Teacher GuidesTeacher Guide: Multi-disciplinary ApproachMulti-disciplinary
Introduction & Teacher GuidesTeacher Guide: Career Technical EducationCTE
Introduction & Teacher GuidesTeacher Guide: EnglishEnglish
Introduction & Teacher GuidesTeacher Guide: MathMath
Introduction & Teacher GuidesTeacher Guide: ScienceScience
Introduction & Teacher GuidesTeacher Guide: Social ScienceSocial Science
Introduction & Teacher GuidesTeacher Guide: LanguageLanguage
What is GlobalizationWhat is GlobalizationEnglish
The TPP What's the DealThe TPP What's the Deal?English
Nearshore Vs. OffshoreNearshore Vs. Offshore Manufacturing in China vs. Mexico Background ReadingMath, Multi-disciplinary
Nearshore Vs. OffshoreNearshore vs. Offshore Manufacturing in China vs. MexicoMath
Expressions in IndustryExpressions in Industry Module 1: Ella's Etsy StoreMath
Expressions in IndustryImport Tariffs and the Bottom LineMath, Multi-disciplinary
Expressions in IndustryIdentifying International TariffsMath, Multi-disciplinary
Expressions in IndustryExpressions in Industry Module 2: Ella's Game EmporiumMath
Expressions in IndustryPreparing Your Elevator PitchMulti-disciplinary
Expressions in IndustryInvestment Profile and Profit PredictionMulti-disciplinary
Expressions in IndustryExpressions in Industry Module 3: Ella's Investment ProfileMath
Fresh Fruit For AllFresh Fruit For All Banana Logistics BackgroundScience, Multi-disciplinary
Fresh Fruit For AllFresh Fruit For All A Study of Fruit RipeningScience
The Global MangoThe Global Mango: The study of the mango from the Philippines to MexicoWorld History
The Commerce ClauseThe Commerce ClauseGovernment
Global Trade Culture & TravelGlobal ProtocolMulti-disciplinary
Global Trade Culture & TravelProtocol Around the WorldWorld Language, Culture, Settings
Global Trade Culture & TravelInternational Business Protocol & TravelCTE: Business & Finance
Global Trade Culture & TravelStudy AbroadCommon Core State Standards
Global Trade Culture & TravelIceberg Model of CultureU.S. History, CCSS: Standards for Speaking & Listening, Social Studies
Global Trade Culture & TravelCorporate Social ResponsibilityMulti-disciplinary
Global Trade Culture & TravelThe Science of Global Social ResponsibilityNGSS
Global Trade Culture & TravelCareer Spotlight - Monica Rosas: The Benefits of a Bicultural UpbringingMulti-disciplinary